Mobile Creches

Mobile Creches
A percentage of all Powell Crafts childrens nightwear sales is donated to Mobile Creches. We have donated over 60k and supported them over the last 11 years. This is a charity in India for young children and their working mothers who live in poverty. While adults toil, young children suffer neglect and the older ones bear the responsibility of adult chores. Mobile Creches provides childcare services, they currently have 25 day care centres in India, the charity started in 1969.

If you would like to know more about mobile Creches or you would like to make a personal donation then please visit their website


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We are proud to support the incredible work that Barnardo’s does by donating end of season stock to them so they can raise funds to continue their support of vulnerable young people all over the UK. Powell Craft is committed to keeping all unsold stock out of landfill and ensure that anything we are left with goes to a deserving place. There are over 100 processes that go into making each and every garment from harvesting cotton to sewing on the buttons and we do not want any of those natural resources and human endeavour to be wasted. Money raised from Powell Craft products in Barnardo’s shops helps to fund their invaluable work with children, research and lobbying.

For more information please visit the Barnardo’s website –